2018 Rawlings Gamer 12.5" First Base Glove: GFM18BG

$ 145.50

Product Description

Rawlings Gamer GFM18BG 12.5 inch First Base Glove

The Rawlings Gamer GFM18BG 12.5 First Base Glove will help you thrive on the field. First base is one of the most important positions on the field and it is not easy to excel at. . First base is not a position for a player who has a bad attitude. This is for the players with the never say die attitude and give it their all every time they step out onto the field. The Rawlings Gamer contains robust leather that is soft and flexible, allowing for a game ready feel. The GFM18BG is made to be 80% broken in right out of the box. This break-in provides a game ready feel so you do not have to endure the long and lengthy break-in process.

The GFM18BG also has a Tennessee Tanning rawhide leather lacing that creates incredible durability and strength in the glove. With this increased durability, the web will have a stable pocket that will maintain its shape over the years. This first baseman mitt has an all leather palm and finger back lining that will give you a comfortable fit and feel. Lastly, the glove has a leather reinforced palm pad that is sure to give you added protection on the field by reducing the sting of the ball upon impact.

Gamer First Base Glove

This mitt is engineered to have a large pocket that is great for picking balls out of the dirt. Also, this mitt uses a Pro H-web design that will help give you a professional feel. Lastly, the glove has a sleek look as it uses black leather that contrast well with the silver lacing and accents. Man the hot corner with a tool that gives you everything you need at a reasonable price. As a Rawlings product, consumers can have full confidence in the quality of the product. Rawlings has been a staple in baseball since 1887 and continues to be a top competitor. So, buy the Rawlings Gamer GFM18BG 12.5 First Baseman Mitt

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