2018 Rawlings Gamer 32.5" Catchers Mitt: GCM325BG

$ 145.50

Product Description

Rawlings Gamer GCM325BG 32.5 inch Catchers Mitt

The Gamer GCM325BG is for the ultimate competitor and has all the things that a catcher needs to succeed. Catching is one of the most difficult positions to perfect on the baseball diamond. But the Rawlings Gamer GCM325BG 32.5 in Catchers Mitt contains everything that a catcher is searching for in a glove. The Rawlings Gamer is for the catcher who has a never say die attitude, who leaves everything they have on the field and does not take losing for an answer. This glove contains a robust leather shell that will help the glove last a long time. While the glove is durable and tough, this Rawlings baseball glove will have a short break in process.

Rawlings Gamer GCM325BG – 80% game ready

This glove will get a game ready feel straight out of the box as it comes 80% broken in. Catchers can always use some extra protection. The glove can provide that with a leather reinforce palm pad. This palm pad will work to reduce the sting of impact so that you can catch those hard throwing pitchers. This glove contains Tennessee Tanning rawhide leather lacing that maximize its toughness and strength.

While the glove is extremely durable, it is also comfortable with the soft leather and finger back linings. The Gamer GCM325BG is a great tool for catchers as it is 32.5 inches which allows for a large pocket that is great for scooping and blocking the ball in the dirt. The GCM325BG 32.5 in Catcher’s Mitt is made out of black leather with silver lacing for a cool and modern look. Have what it takes to be an incredible fielding catcher with the Rawlings Gamer GCM325BG 32.5 in Catcher’s Mitt. As a Rawlings product, consumers can have full confidence in the quality of the product. Rawlings has been a staple in baseball since 1887 and continues to be a top competitor. Order it now from Baseball Bargains!

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