2018 Rawlings Quatro BBCOR Baseball Bat: BB8Q3

$ 399.99

Bat Features
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  • -3 Length To Weight Ratio
  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • BBCOR Certified For High School & Collegiate Approval
  • Carbon Fiber Composite Barrel Provides Premium Pop & Further Ball Flight
  • Four-Piece, Composite Baseball Bat
  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made In The USA - Patent Pending
  • Newly Designed Lightweight End Cap Reduces Swing Weight For More Control
  • Quatro Collar Absorbs & Eliminates Any Negative Vibration
  • Tru-View Technology Reveals 100% Carbon Fiber Composition
  • Ultimate, Focused Flex Helps Accelerate Speed Through Contact
  • Vibration Dampening Technology (VDT) Creates Incredibly Smooth Feel At Impact
Description for 2018 Rawlings Quatro BBCOR Baseball Bat: BB8Q3
New for the 2018 season! The 'Glowstick' from Rawlings is back and bright as ever. The Quatro baseball bat made such an impact during its debut season that Rawlings has decided to bring it back for a second go around. They've pushed the standards of baseball bats to new levels and bat technology to never before seen performance levels that outshine the competition (pun intended). Performance, flex, balance, and ball flight are just a few of the features that the Rawlings Quatro is sure to enhance during each and every at-bat. If you're a contact hitter who can handle a longer barrel, the Quatro is a perfect fit for you. While it does have an extended barrel construction for more plate coverage, a newly designed lightweight end cap reduces unnecessary weight towards the end of the barrel which helps increase overall swing speed and control through the zone. On top of that, the patented hinge system delivers focused flex, which helps hitters swing through the ball and generate unbelievable pop. Yet again, Rawlings is peeling back the curtains, so to speak, and displaying the carbon fiber composite barrel insides through the Tru-View Technology. Between the composite barrel and handle is Rawlings' Vibration Dampening Technology (VDT), also known as the 'Quatro Collar,' which is a silicone-infused collar that eliminates sting in the hands and provides an incredibly smooth feel at impact. The best part? Each one of these Rawlings Quatro baseball bats are made with pride in the USA (patent pending). Rawlings: Above The Standard!

This 2018 Rawlings Quatro BBCOR Baseball Bat (BB8Q3) features a standard 2 5/8-inch barrel diameter, a drop 3 length to weight ratio, and the BBCOR certification sticker across the taper for high school and collegiate approval. With feedback from their collegiate advisory staff, Rawlings is positive that the Quatro BBCOR bat will be a home run for whoever decides to use it. Get ready to crush the next pitch thrown your way and buy one of these Rawlings baseball bats today with free shipping and a full twelve (12) month manufacturer's warranty period!

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